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Coast of Light

Ever experienced Troy live?

Our home is the Bay of Edremit, the Olive Riviera! Whether on your own or organized trough us: the region is ideal to combine a beach holiday with cultural and hiking excursions.

Every week on program:


The Antique

Guided Full-day excursion to the UNESCO monument TROY, over several thousand years sentry at the Dardanelles, centerpiece of Troas, origin of the gold treasure of Priam, home of Homer.

Following a visit of the most beautifully situated sites: Assos. Aristotle taught here - he probably knew why: when you reach the Athena Temple on the hilltop you get a striking view of the coast of light. Distance Club Orient - Troy: about 110 km, Assos: about 61 km.

Guided full-day trip to Pergamon, ancient cosmopolitan city and heart of the Hellenistic empire. Under Eumenes II.originated the famous Altar of Zeus here. Parts of the outer frieze can be seen today in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Distance Club Orient - Pergamon: about 90 km.




Small island hike on Ali Bey (Cunda). Along the olive groves and pine forests overlooking the islands of Ayvalik: 2-3 hour leisurely hike, followed by a tea in the TAS Café. Finally, it's done with the boats to the mainland. Path length 10 km –guided.

Breakfast hike at the foot of the Ida-Mountains. Starting the day early, get up with the sun, drive to the village Camlibel, hike there up to a plateau and down again to a rich village breakfast. Start at 7 clock, path length about 7 km - guided.

Half-day hike along the mountain stream Akyar. A trip for all ages - with a high fun factor.Be sure to pack swimming stuff. Path length 5 km - guided.

Full-day hike „Top of the IDA“ up to the mountaintop of the Kaz-Dagi-Nationalpark (1.750 m). A trip fort he advanced walker. Path length 10 km – guided.

Villages, towns and bazaars

Our recommendation: the Monday bazaar of Burhaniye (6 km) and the bazaar in Ayvalik (33 km) - on Thursdays. Take the hotel's own shuttle.

Visit an olive oil mill with a presentation on one of the most famous trees, its oleaginous fruit and its elixir. The host himself introduces the art to conjure up a fine olive oil. Half-Day Trip.

If you want to be on the road on your own, ready with public buses or the hotel's rent a cars, for those we keep ready the "Guide for Guests of Club Orient". There you will find a selection of finely dosed full- or half-day trips, whether for a shopping-tour on the island of Ali Bey (Cunda) or sunset on the castle hill of Assos.

The Olive Riviera


Steeped in history, diverse, hospitable

Dardanelles, Canakkale, Troy, island Bozcada, Alexandria Troas, Assos, Babakkale, Adatepe, Zeus Altar, Kazdağı National Park, Edremit, Ören-Burhaniye, Madra mountains, Ayvalik, Ali Bey Island (Cunda), Kozak Valley, Pergamon, Asclepion - and then towards Izmir and Ephesus!

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